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Special Open Thread

The Chick-Fil-A national gay kiss-in takes place today. Towleroad quotes well-known activist and blogger Pam Spaulding:
IMHO, I’m not keen on this as an effective protest tool — it’s not about our right to love (ostensibly why gay couples will be there kissing), it’s about Chick-fil-As record of anti-gay discrimination and funding of groups that want us DEAD, endorse “ex-gay” therapy, and to deny LGBTs basic civil rights. The kiss-in seems more like a stunt for shock value that the fundies will try capitalize on by tying the action to sex acts that they abhor. The “ick” factor has been one of the major issues these folks cling to, like it or not. [snip]

I’m not saying that direct actions are useless; I just don’t think this particular one focuses on the vile business practices that are counter to equality under the law — and they are draped in religious bigotry that is funded by Chick-fil-A. It allows the framing of the issue to remain in the court of the fundamentalists. Gay=sex. Sex=icky. Remember, Chick-fil-A doesn’t mind firing adulterers, or non-Christians (the latter cost them a pretty penny for firing a Muslim that didn’t want to pray to Jesus at a corporate event). The world view is extremely narrow and discriminatory.
What do you think? I'm quite concerned about potential violence, particularly since some of our most ardent enemies might be returning to the franchises they could not patronize earlier due to the massive lines.

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