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Tea Party Nation Founder Judson Phillips Ordered To Pay Hotel $748K In Fees

A judge has ordered Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips to pay $748,000 to a Las Vegas hotel for a massive block of hotel rooms he reserved for a Tea Party rally that he later canceled due to lack of interest.
The Venetian Las Vegas Casino Resort alleged that Phillips had reserved 1,637 rooms for the July 2010 event, and then cancelled the reservations just a few weeks before the scheduled date. He did not pay for the rooms. In a court order last month, which The Tennessean reported Thursday, a judge ruled that Phillips owed the resort $748,000, including the $554,000 hotel bill and $194,300 in accrued interest. This is not the first time a Republican group has found itself in a bind over an unpaid hotel invoice. In February, the Charleston Place Hotel sued a South Carolina political consultant and the Southern Republican Leadership Conference for an allegedly unpaid hotel bill, reported.
The hotel is owned by Romney-backer billionaire Sheldon Adelson.

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