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Christians Pray For Evil DNC

A coalition of Charlotte churches has assigned each congregation a specific evil DNC state delegation to pray for this week.
Believers from dozens of churches committed themselves to be "Jesus Revolutionaries." The commitment consists of vowing to spend quality time with God every day in prayer and the Word, boldly confess Jesus as Lord and Savior, win the lost, be a peacemaker, walk in love and overcome evil with good, serve in a tangible way and speak the truth in love. Rosemary Lozada commented on the movement's Facebook page, "Now is the time to step forward and continue this momentum, continue to pray for Charlotte, continue to pray for our country, continue to pray for those who need Jesus and continue to pray for Israel. With Jesus all things are Possible! Thank You Charlotte714 for your commitment to our City & People. God bless you all!!!" Charlotte714 is being touted as a movement and not an event. Prayer groups are being organized to continuously meet around Charlotte metro. "We pray it will sweep through the Church, penetrate our city, and impact our nation to Exalt Jesus. "In a morally degenerating culture, God is calling His church to return to Him."

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