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NYPD At Apple Stores

Gothamist reports that the NYPD is working the massive lines outside today's iPhone 5 launch at Manhattan's Apple stores. The cops are there to help folks register their phones as part of a campaign to thwart the rash of robberies on the subway.
Operation ID is provided to the public at no cost. Officers register the serial number of valuable portable electronics along with the owner’s name and contact information. Items can also be engraved with a uniquely identifiable serial number prefaced with the letters “N.Y.C.” The program enables police to trace stolen property in the possession of a thief to its rightful owner, or identify found property and return it to the rightful owner. Members of the public are invited to bring their portable electronic devices to NYPD personnel stationed at any Apple retail store, and the other locations, to register their devices. Such valuables may also be registered at any time through the crime prevention officer at any police station.

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