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Is Tea Party Wingnut Carl Paladino Behind The "Outing" Site For NY Senator?

You may recall that in 2010 Tea Party-backed whackadoodle Carl Paladino ran a brief but spectacularly ugly New York gubernatorial campaign that was laden with vicious attacks on gay people. And now it appears that Paladino may be linked to the website that has threatened to out GOP state Sen. George Mariarz.
Hurrah for schoolyard politics: Paladino’s assault on Maziarz is recapitulated over at, a political gossip site that most believe to be anonymously authored by Tea Party activist Rus Thompson, who was Pladino’s driver during the developer’s gubernatorial campaign. The newest addition to the assault is a link to this site: The splash page for that site features a grinning picture of Maziarz withthe caption “Do You Know GEORGE?” with his name spelled in rainbow colors. The soundtrack is “Georgy Girl” by the Seekers; there are links to Log Capin Republican sites in the middle of the page; at the bottom of the page is a timer counting down 13 days, at press time, second by second, until “The Maziarz Closet Opens”—this time, “Maziarz” is spelled in rainbow colors. Presumably, the site intends to “out” Maziarz as gay two days before the September 13 primary.
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