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Jamaica To Hold Anti-Gay March

Christian groups will hold an anti-gay march through the streets of Kingston, Jamaica this weekend. The march will conclude in a park named for Nelson Mandela.

Hundreds of teenagers and young adults are expected to take to the streets of the Corporate Area of the Jamaican capital, Kingston, with participants coming from various schools, churches and professions marching for ‘sexual purity’. It will start at Hope Gardens at 9.30am on Saturday (15 September) and culminate in a short concert at Mandela Park in Half Way Tree. The concert will consist of prayers, worship and performances by various Christian artists. This will be interspersed with personal testimonies centered on ‘deliverance from sexual sin’. The organizers, Creative Counter Culture and 3R Youth, have emphasized they ‘love homosexuals’ but have combined together ‘porn, fornication and homosexuality,’ and are opposing all three simultaneously.

Jamaica's recently elected prime minister has called for the repeal of anti-sodomy laws, but it's not clear if the march is specifically in reaction to that.

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