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Marriage Surges In Washington State

Dominic Holden writes at Slog:
The measure to legalize same-sex marriage has taken a leap from only 50 percent support with a seven-point lead in July to a 56 percent support with an 18-point lead today. My TCW: Progressives would be stupid to take Referendum 74's lead for granted, or underestimate the fear-campaigning expected from religious conservatives to drive down that lead by November. But this poll may mark a gay-rights trend much larger than Washington State: This survey was conducted in the three days following the Democratic National Convention, an event marked by the country's political leaders delivering speeches embracing marriage equality as the keystone of progressive (even mainstream) ideology; the result may be a national climate shift that plays out to make 2012 the first year in US history that same-sex marriage is approved at the ballot. Maine is also voting on marriage equality this year.
(Tipped by JMG reader Matthew)

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