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New Board Game: Obozo's America

Christian Newswire is promoting a "welfare board game" titled "Obozo's America."
Game players begin on the first of the month at the welfare office with an initial grant of $1,000 then maneuver along "Obozo's Welfare Promenade," getting cash for producing out-of-wedlock children, by drawing from 50 "Welfare Benefit" cards, by playing the lottery and the horses, and by engaging in four "Saturday Night" crimes (Prostitution, Armed Robbery, Gambling, and Drugs). Players can also get a job for their live-in on the "Government Cakewalk," and if they are caught in crime, experience the "Jail Jaunt" -- one roll of the dice and they're back at the welfare office collecting all benefits. Players try to avoid landing on one of the dreaded "Get a Job" blocks that forces them off Obozo's Welfare Promenade into the "Working Person's Rut" where, with few exceptions, they accumulate bills, new taxes, and mounting debt. Hey, somebody has to pay for all the welfare, crime, and government!
The game's "deluxe" version costs $30.

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