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Perkins Continues Assault On DNC

"Before they got caught and scrambled to fix it, the Democrats’ Platform as approved by their Platform Committee suggested that America has forgotten or should forget God. The Party’s guiding document didn’t just refuse to acknowledge our Creator as the one who endows us with our rights; the version originally signed off on by the full Platform Committee excised any mention of God from its pages. But, amid boos and jeers on the convention floor, delegates were required to shoehorn in last minute 'technical corrections' to remedy the oversight. It sure wasn’t done with amazing grace. Why does it take a power play from the convention chair – ramming through changes that very evidently did not gain the required two-thirds assent – for a Democratic Platform to acknowledge our nation’s motto?" - Hate group leader Tony Perkins, writing for the Christian Post.

NOTE: In the above-linked article Perkins delights in pointing out that the Democrats once supported slavery. Curiously, he doesn't mention that his book of superstitions still does. (And of course he doesn't mention his previous affiliations with the KKK and a white supremacist group.)

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