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Pope Attacks Gay Marriage In France

Yesterday Pope Benedict launched a scathing attack on France's plan to legalize same-sex marriage.
The Pope thus raised three points: Firstly saying that marriage between man and woman is a "fact" of nature and "threatened" by other forms of marriage which are "proven"to be "defective". Secondly, he warned of that the consequences of legalising gay marriage would harm society, perhaps a critical reference to the right to adoption by same-sex couples. Thirdly, by saying that "defending the family and life is propophetic" and not "regressive", he is in fact calling upon the French Catholic lobby to not shy away and take a more active stance against the government’s plans to introduce same-sex marriage. This attack by the Pope is unprecedented in its tenacity and its direct call to interfere in the affairs of a government. His previous attack on the introduction of same-sex marriage in Spain was much more subdued and less strongly worded.

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