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Today Silly Lie From World Net Daily

World Net Daily today claims they've been categorized as a hate group by the SPLC. 
The Southern Poverty Law Center – which has labeled WND and other conservative organizations “hate groups” – is spending massive amounts of money to promote hate-crime propaganda rather than funding its purported mission. The SPLC bills itself as a nonprofit civil rights group dedicated to fighting hate and bigotry. However, WND has reported extensively on how the organization ignores left-leaning groups, choosing instead to exclusively list conservative groups as so-called “hate” organizations.
Here's the full list of hate groups currently being tracked by the SPLC. You'll note that World Net Daily does not appear. Their readers, who do appear to have access to a Google Machine, are totally buying it, of course. I'd post a correction in the comments, but those fearless defenders of free speech have banned me.

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