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Undead Voters Sue Texas

Courthouse News Service reports:
The Texas Secretary of State is purging people from the voting rolls after informing them that they are "potentially deceased," after secretly, and illegally, giving herself the power to do so, four undead men claim in court. Lead plaintiff Michael E. Moore sued Secretary of State Hope Andrade, in Travis County Court. Moore and Andrew Young also sued Travis County Voting Registrar. The two other plaintiffs, from two other counties, sued only Andrade. All four say they received notices "that they were 'potentially deceased' and that their voter registration was subject to 'cancellation.' These notices were apparently on a form prescribed by defendant Andrade.
Texans wrongly named as dead must still re-register to vote. Thousands of so-affected voters may not make the 30-day advance deadline for the November election. Which is the GOP's plan.

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