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Wednesday At The DNC Arena, Part Two

I watched Bill Clinton's fantastic speech standing on the arena floor and looking between Wolf Blitzer and his co-anchor, who were seated (oddly, I thought) right in the center. (Trivia: Blitzer spends his off-camera time wolf-ing down pretzel sticks.) When Clinton finished and the state roll call began there was a hubbub behind me and I whirled around to find Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren glad-handing the Massachusetts delegation.After that the press area on the arena floor thinned out slightly and I had a chance to escape the penned-in area jammed against the CNN set. Then I wandered around the delegations a bit. I really wanted to stay for the big roar when the delegate count confirmed Obama's nomination, but by the time they got to (very gay-friendly) Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie (below) my feet reminded me that I'd been standing for most of the day. I fought my way out of the arena and hiked back to the convention center to share a cab back to South Carolina with the Americablog team. What a thrilling and totally exhausting day!

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