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BRITAIN: Far-Right Party Leader Nick Griffin Says Civil Partnerships Kill Children

"Gay people have complained for years that the rest of society hasn’t understood how they feel, and has had to make allowances, has to be tolerant. So why can’t you people simply get over it and tolerate the fact that a lot of heterosexual people – we don’t want to persecute you – but we find the sight of two men kissing creepy. That’s just a fact. What’s the problem? You [students] may think I’m a monster, but look at what your fate would be in an Islamic republic of Britain. Civil partnerships are a way of sliding towards marriage for everyone through the backdoor. It undermines the institution of marriage, and as a result of that, children will die over the next few years, because they’ll be brought up in homes which aren’t married. They’re not all bad of course, but it’s a weaker way of rearing children, that is what the statistics show." - British National Party leader Nick Griffin, speaking to a student newspaper. Last week Griffin was investigated by police after he tweeted the home address of a gay couple, warning that a "justice team" would be visiting their house because they won a lawsuit against a local bed and breakfast.

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