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Bryan Fischer Demands Romney Respond To ENDA Rumor About Log Cabin

"Ben Adler of the Nation called me at quitting time today. Said he had been given assurances by Log Cabin Republicans that Romney's camp has privately promised them he will support ENDA after he's elected. ENDA will be the official end of religious liberty in America. Will trample on the 1st Amendment rights of every Christian businessmen in the country.  No freedom of religion, conscience or association. Will do to every Christian business what ObamaCare has done to Catholic hospitals. Would be wrong and politically disastrous for Romney to support. What we need is a flat emphatic, unambiguous denial from Romney himself. Please clarify for us all, Governor.  Bottom line: we need a clear, unambiguous, no loophole denial from Gov. Romney that he will support ENDA as president."  - Bryan Fischer, responding to the subject of the post below this one. [NOTE: The above was cobbled together from multiple separate tweets.]

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