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Good Morning America Weatherman Sam Champion Reveals Engagement To A Man

Queerty blogger Dan Avery notes that Good Morning America weatherman Sam Champion revealed his engagement to a man to a New York Times reporter covering the wedding of MSNBC host Thomas Roberts.
Among the 170 or so guests at the reception was Sam Champion, the weather anchor at ABC’s “Good Morning America.” He took a turn on the dance floor with his partner, the photographer Rubem Robierb. “We’re getting married New Year’s Eve in Miami,” Mr. Champion said in the spirit of the moment. Mr. Robierb corrected him: “We’ll do it here officially, and then have a party in Miami.”
Champion's gayness has certainly been no secret as he's appeared at several major LGBT functions here in New York City.  As it doesn't appear that Champion has previously "officially" come out, Avery ponders, "Is this another example of this new trend in low-key celebrity outings?"

UPDATE: Towleroad points out that Champion's engagement has just been announced by ABC.

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