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HomoQuotable - Chad Griffin

"The leaders of the entertainment industry, have been at the forefront of the civil rights movement. They were there through the '50s and '60s, and they have been there throughout the LGBT struggle for rights. … If you look on TV today, you see characters that portray real life in this country. There are gay and lesbian people in communities and households across this country. And so at the end of the day, (the shows) are reflecting the reality that exists in people's lives. Folks in the entertainment industry are really stepping up from a philanthropic perspective (as well). You can just look at (the lawsuit against) Prop 8. Were it not for David Geffen, we wouldn't have had a Prop 8 case. When we were trying to figure out how to file and fund that case, Rob and Michele Reiner and I met with David Geffen and he immediately wrote (a) $1.5 million (check), and called Steve Bing and asked him to raise the other $1.5 million. And I believe marriages will start in California, whether it is in a few weeks or it is in a few months." - HRC head (and former AFER executive director) Chad Griffin, speaking to Variety.


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