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Horn Blowing

An amusing email from JMG reader Cindy:
Hi, Joe, I had an interesting call at the phone banks last night. I have been volunteering calling voters 3 or 4 nights a week to fight the MN marriage amendment, and last night I was given a list of voters who previously said they'd be voting yes (to limit marriage to one man/one woman) to try and persuade them to vote no.

One gentleman I spoke with had been firmly in the Yes camp until he saw the ads they began running here on TV. He was so angry with the LGBT community after hearing the things Kalley Yanta said that he went online to find proof of how awful gays really were- and instead managed to Google the real stories behind the newest attack ad, realized they were lying about us and changed his vote to no- along with his entire family.

But it gets even better- after telling me that he found many articles about the specific issues which were in the attack ad, I asked him which sites he'd found most helpful. "Oh!", he said," Have you ever read a website called Joe Dot My Dot God Dot?" I managed not to laugh until after I got off the phone, but told him that I'd look into that website, especially if he found it useful. He told me that as far as he was concerned, MN United For All Families should just tell the Yes voters to go read that guy Joe's website, he had learned a lot from it especially because as far as he knows he doesn't have any gay friends. So, you won one for us- thank you, Joe!
I'm totally cabbage-patching at my desk.

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