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Longtime JMG Reader Weds In NYC

Father Tony performed the wedding of another JMG reader this weekend in NYC! Tony writes:
Last night at City Winery, I joined in marriage long time JMG reader and past NYC Pride March director Maurice Michaane (right) and Dr. Michael Owen.  I spoke to the two families—Brooklyn Jewish and Kentucky Presbyterian — about how this ceremony represents the fruition of the Judeo-Christian tradition this country is rooted in, but in a way probably never envisioned by our founding fathers who would have, nevertheless, in their appreciation of freedom, approved. I began the recital of the traditional Jewish seven blessings by chanting the first two in Hebrew. I prefaced a reading from an epistle of St Paul by noting that some Christians use the words of St Paul against this type of union but if we listen to what Paul—a Jewish to Christian convert—says about love, it is clear that he would have been happy to be at this celebration.
The wedding was reported upon by the New York Times.  Father Tony accepts no payment for performing these ceremonies but does suggest a donation to the Ali Forney Center.  Write him at

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