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Marriage Leads By 21 Points In Maine

The Morning Sentinel reports that a new poll shows Maine's marriage equality ballot measure is leading by 21 points.
No one expects the 21-point lead to last, however. Maine has proven to be narrowly divided on gay marriage in past elections. Even with a strong lead, the issue is clearly dividing Maine voters along partisan, social and economic lines. The polls says:
* 81 percent of Democrats said they would vote "yes," while 64 percent of Republicans say they would vote "no."
* 86 percent of Obama supporters back same-sex marriage, while 75 percent of Romney supporters oppose it.
* 79 percent of King supporters back same-sex marriage, while 77 percent of Summers supporters oppose it.
* 69 percent of college graduates support the referendum, while 56 percent of people with a high school education or less oppose it.
* 77 percent of 18-to-34-year-old voters support it, while 50 percent of voters over 65 oppose it.
(Via Zack Ford at Think Progress)

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