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NY Sen. Ruben Diaz: Cuomo Is A Traitor For Endorsing Pro-Gay Republicans

"Governor Andrew Cuomo publicly endorsed Republican Senator Stephen Saland against his Democratic opponent. Governor Cuomo claims that he did so because Senator Saland voted to legalize gay marriage in New York State. How many Democrats in New York State are stepping up to criticize our fearless leader as he breaks rank to endorse a Republican opponent for State Senate? I’ll do the honors and be the first. You should know that each time I endorse a candidate who is not a Democrat but who shares my moral principles of traditional marriage and respect for the unborn, I am publicly mocked in news articles, in blogs and oh yes, in tweets. 

"But wait just a minute. I am not the leader of the Democratic Party setting an example; I’m only a soldier. Whether or not the criticism and complaints against me continue, I think everyone knows that I will stand by my beliefs. So about Governor Cuomo – the Big Cheese – who is New York State’s Democratic Party leader? Doesn’t he have a responsibility to be true to the Democratic Party in New York State? Doesn’t he have a responsibility to support Democrats?" - New York state Sen. Ruben Diaz, writing on his Senate webpage. Diaz goes on to claim that Cuomo is keeping blacks and Hispanics out of Senate leadership positions by endorsing a white Republican.

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