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One Million Moms: Those Homos At The New Normal Gave Us Free Publicity

Just in via press release:
Dear Joe, Last week's episode of "The New Normal" referenced One Million Moms. Even though they attempted to poke fun, the show actually made One Million Moms look good. The conservative grandmother chose three girls who are raised in traditional families who share the same beliefs she does to help her cancel her granddaughter's fake wedding. She tells them, "I need the help of every one of you future One Million Moms." By the way, thanks for the free publicity! Any conservatives that may have briefly checked out the show primarily to see how bad it is who have never heard of One Million Moms just found out about our organization on their dime. If the writers thought this would get us off their backs they are sadly mistaken.

We will continue our attempts to have this program canceled because it goes against Biblical principles and Christian values. One Million Moms continues to discourage our supporters from watching the program to insure we do not help the show's ratings. The producer, open homosexual Ryan Murphy, is playing a game so One Million Mom supporters will tune in. Murphy even stated in an interview after our campaign was launched that our supporters should watch because One Million Moms will be represented during the program. One Million Moms records all major networks and will continue to monitor the program to keep you informed.

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