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One Million Moms Vs Anything Spooky

Today's email from One Million Moms:
Dear Joe, The producers of "Gossip Girls" and "Pretty Little Liars" bring viewers "666 Park Avenue." The satanic and demonic series is described on ABC's website as a mix between "Rosemary's Baby" and "The Shining." To paraphrase the description of the program given on ABC's website: The show is about a young couple who find what they think to be an amazing apartment when in fact it is haunted. Those who live in the building seduce others to get what they need and want. But how far will they go to get what they want? The finest living in the city comes at a cost. ABC also describes the apartment building as wicked and dangerous and the owner of the building as a dark power. The evil owner of the apartment building in the show portrays characteristics of the devil himself. Previews include terrifying screams, death, spirits, satanic symbols, mark of the devil, and souls bought for a price. It airs Sunday evenings on ABC (Disney owned) at 10:00 pm. Take Action: Please send your email to the sponsors of ABC's new show "666 Park Avenue," and strongly encourage them to drop all plans to air the program.

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