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POLL: Minnesota Ban Behind By Seven

A new poll out of Minnesota shows the first real glimmer of light in the fight against that state's proposed constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.
Fifty-one percent of likely voters plan to vote against the proposal to insert a same-sex marriage ban into the constitution, while 44 percent support it. A rarity in this election cycle, it was conducted independently and using traditional, time- and labor-intensive methods. Undecided voters and those who said they would skip voting on the ballot questions — effectively a “no” vote in Minnesota — would not tip the balance, according to the survey of 600 Minnesota adults conducted Oct. 15-21. The margin of error is 5 points. The SCSU effort is the first since the barrage of 11th-hour TV and radio ads, which often move polling needles, began airing.
(Tipped by JMG reader Robert)

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