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SF Rated America's Best City 2012

So says Business Week:
With assistance from Bloomberg Rankings, evaluated 100 of the country’s largest cities based on leisure attributes (the number of restaurants, bars, libraries, museums, professional sports teams, and park acres by population); educational attributes (public school performance, the number of colleges, and graduate degree holders), economic factors (2011 income and June and July 2012 unemployment), crime, and air quality. Major professional league and minor league teams, as well as U.S.-based teams belonging to international leagues in that city were included. The greatest weighting was placed on leisure amenities, followed by educational metrics and economic metrics, and then crime and air quality.
Here's their top ten:

1. San Francisco
2. Seattle
3. Washington DC
4. Boston
5. Portland, OR
6. Denver
7. New York City
8. Austin
9. San Diego
10. Saint Paul

Chicago ranked 28th, Los Angeles is 50th.

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