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The Final Maryland Marriage Poll

A commenter at the Baltimore Sun correctly notes: "The response selections given for Question 6 (Same-sex marriage) are completely wrong. The referendum is either FOR or AGAINST. The word ILLEGAL is inappropriate because the law has already passed to make same-sex marriage LEGAL. This particular poll question is very misleading." The Sun breaks down the trends:
A month ago, the same-sex marriage question was ahead by 10 percentage points — 49 percent to 39 percent — in an earlier Sun poll. The contest is now a dead heat in part because some African-Americans who supported the measure or were undecided are now saying no. The numbers have moved amid television and radio commercials from the Maryland Marriage Alliance, which opposes same-sex marriage, and stepped-up efforts by pastors preaching against Question 6. Much of the advertising is focused on African-American voters, a bloc that traditionally opposed same-sex marriage but had been warming to the idea. In late September, the Sun poll showed a majority of blacks in favor of Question 6 — evidently a high-water mark. This time, the poll found 50 percent of black voters oppose the measure and 42 percent support it. Yvonne Johnson, 65, of Prince George's County is among those who have decided to vote against legalization of same-sex marriage. "I'm not against gay people, she said. "I just don't think they should change what is in the Bible."

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