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Boise Considers LGBT Protections

Last night the city council of Idaho's capital met to debate the passage of an LGBT anti-discrimination bill. Dozens of city residents spoke in support of the measure.
Though support was overwhelming Tuesday night, at least one person spoke in support of “traditional marriage” and warned of the dangers of sodomy. Boise resident Curt Vieselmeyer urged the council to reject the ordinance, saying it infringes on his religious freedom and is not necessary.  “I do not believe this is an issue in our city. I believe that this is a stirring of the pot,” Vieselmeyer said. The council is scheduled to vote on the ordinance Dec. 4. If it’s approved, Boise will be the second city in Idaho to prohibit employers, housing agents and other businesses from discriminating against employees, renters, leasers or customers because they’re gay or transgender. Religious organizations are exempt, and the ordinance includes penalties for false reporting.
The only other Idaho municipality with LGBT protections is the tiny far-northern town of Sandpoint.  The GOP has thwarted attempts to pass a statewide ordinance. (Tipped by JMG reader Javier)

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