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Editorial Of The Day

From the Bangor Daily News:
Permitting gay couples to marry will uphold equal treatment required by the U.S. Constitution, promote family values and protect religious beliefs. The ballot initiative is a matter of fairness and, in the end, care for one another.  It’s a matter of equality. Partners raising their children together should both be able to make medical decisions concerning their children’s welfare. Partners should be able to benefit from the others’ pension. But, most of all, gay couples should have the affirmation that their home state respects their belief in marriage and their commitment to each other. Maine cannot discriminate against gays and lesbians on matters of housing, employment, public accommodation, credit or education. It should not, then, be able to discriminate when it comes to the right of marriage. Some people may understandably oppose gay marriage for religious reasons, but — while the church has played a long and important role in marriage — they should remember that marriage licenses are issued by the state.
Virtually all of Maine's major newspapers have said the same.

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