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Faithbuddy: The Christian Facebook

There's now a Christians-only take on Facebook:
Our primary business model is based on memberships, not advertising. Our goal is to provide an online environment with few distractions. And while some ad-driven networks may be designed to consume your time, we design to conserve it. We don't track "friends" on Faithbuddy, and we've made social following anonymous. That removes social pressure, allowing you to receive updates on someone (or not) based entirely on your interest. Your contact information is not automatically shared with those you follow. Our software platform and applications are built from the ground up with an emphasis on privacy control. Our brand new approach to privacy management gives you greater and more intuitive control over how your information is shared, and enables safer online environments for young users.
Faithbuddy promises that users will not be confronted "with photos of belly flab" or "virtual farm animals."

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