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Hate Group Leader Bradlee Dean To Appeal Defamation Loss To Rachel Maddow

As we expected, rather than obey the judge's order to pay Rachel Maddow's legal fees after the dismissal of his $50M defamation suit against her, hate group leader Bradlee Dean is filing an appeal of the case. Via a World Net Daily:
An appeal is being prepared in a case that alleges MSNBC personality Rachel Maddow defamed a Christian minister by maliciously asserting he advocated the execution of homosexuals, after a judge who was accused of being biased against the plaintiffs went ahead and dismissed it. Attorney Larry Klayman told WND today that the judicial behavior could be characterized as “unethical” after the judge, Joan Zeldon, praised Maddow’s attorneys as “distinguished” but denigrated Klayman. Then she went ahead and dismissed the claim brought on behalf of Bradlee Dean and his You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International ministry. Klayman said there are several grounds for the appeal, including the fact that Zeldon ordered the plaintiffs to pay $24,000 in legal fees for the defendants without any discovery or hearing on exactly what those fees were for. “Rachel Maddow should not take any satisfaction,” Klayman told WND. “This is just round one. The case has not been adjudicated on its merits.” He explained that “clearly, what they did was defamatory, and it put the life of Bradlee Dean and the lives of his family and colleagues in danger.”
Given Larry Klayman's track record, don't expect the appeal to get anywhere either.

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