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Headline Of The Day

Via the tabloid Daily Mail:
The full extent of the revolt among Tory MPs over plans to allow gay marriage was revealed last night. In all, 118 Conservatives out of 303 have written to constituents indicating their unease. If they all vote against, it would be the biggest Tory rebellion in modern times. Among the 118 is gay MP Conor Burns. He said he ‘marvels’ at why David Cameron is prioritising same-sex marriage when there is no ‘clamour’ for it in the gay community. Backbencher Douglas Carswell, another of those who will vote against, said: ‘I think you’ve got to have your head stuck in the Westminster bubble to think this is a priority.’ The vote could happen as early as January after Mr Cameron decided this week to ‘get it done and get it done quickly’.
The list of anti-marriage Tories is here.

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