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Last Chance To Sign Jesus Pledge

Scamvangelist Bill Keller wants you to know this is your last chance to join the 1.6 million people who have allegedly signed his pledge to write in Jesus on your presidential ballot. From his third-person press release:
In May, Keller began a sister website, and made the case that because of the fact President Obama is the most pro-death, pro-homosexual, pro-enemy of Israel President in history, he is a true enemy of God. He also states that Republican nominee Mitt Romney is a 5th generation high priest of a cult that worships Satan and leads souls to hell with a false gospel. He calls both men "tools of Satan," and encourages Christians to write in the name of Jesus for President as a way of taking a stand for their faith. As of this release, over 1.6 million have signed up to write in the name of Jesus for President.
Keller adds that on Monday he will launch a live YouTube channel where he and his followers will pray nonstop for 24 hours that Jesus is declared the winner. 

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