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Maggie: The GOP Is Losing Its Hatefulness

"The horrible economy and Romney’s effective focus on jobs is pushing him forward.  Meanwhile the GOP elites’ tactical decision to ignore social issues totally is not helping. The major Romney super PACs are 'truce' PACs, refusing to run any social-issue ads at all — except the one saying Romney actually supports abortion in some cases. Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Iowa, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina — these are all states where, if voters learned how extreme President Obama is on abortion and gay marriage, it would help Romney. Social conservatives are absent from this election. Their money isn’t being used in any visible way to organize voters. If Romney loses, this will be part of the reason why. If Romney wins — and I think he will — look for an intense effort to finally push social issues out of the party. Christian conservatives who care about life, marriage, and religious liberty need to create effective political vehicles for demonstrating and acting on this concern. Or we are going to wake up like Europe with no political vehicle for a voice." - Maggie Gallagher, writing for the National Review(Via Good As You)

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