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Malawi Suspends Anti-Gay Laws

Finally we get some good news out of Africa.
Malawi has suspended legislation against homosexuality which was among the hot button issues that forced donors to withdraw support last year, Minister of Justice Ralph Kasambara has disclosed. Kasambara, who is also Attorney General, said government wants to encourage debate and decide on whether laws against same- sex relationships should continue to be criminalized. “There is a moratorium on all such laws, meaning that police will not arrest or prosecute anyone based on these laws. These laws will not be enforced until the time that Parliament makes a decision,” he said. In legal parlance, a moratorium is used when the Executive arm of government, which is mandated to enforce laws, decides to temporarily suspend enforcement of a legislation, especially when it raises controversies that require its review.
This news is especially surprising because in September the president of Malawi publicly recanted her election promise to decriminalize homosexuality. 

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