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Man Sues Church Over Falling Crucifix

An upstate New York man is suing his church after a giant crucifix fell on him, costing him his leg.
David Jimenez put all of his faith in a massive marble crucifix, praying to it every day that his wife would be cured of cancer. And she was. The 45-year-old pizza parlor worker was so grateful, he volunteered to clean the neglected 600-pound statue. But, during his soap-and-water thank you, the massive statue came loose, crushing him so severely that he had to have his right leg amputated. Now Jimenez is putting his faith in someone else: his lawyer. The New York man is suing his former parish, the Church of St. Patrick, for $3 million. “The screw [holding the crucifix] was useless," attorney Kevin Kitson said. "It supported no anchoring system."
God cured his wife's cancer, but for some reason he won't grow that leg back. Mysterious ways.

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