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Marriage Win Declared In Maryland!!!

The final tally is not yet in and the margin remains slim, but several major LGBT rights organizations are claiming victory for marriage in Maryland. Via Marylanders For Marriage Equality:
Voters approved Question 6, the Civil Marriage Protection Act, paving the way for gay and lesbian couples to receive a marriage license beginning in January. Tonight is the first time in history any state has voted on and passed marriage equality on the ballot. Fairness and equality under the law won tonight,” said Josh Levin, campaign manager for Marylanders for Marriage Equality. “We’re sure to feel the ripples of this monumental victory across the country for years to come.” Question 6 protects religious freedom of churches and clergy. No church or clergy member will have to perform any marriage they don’t want to. Legislatures and courts have legalized marriage equality in six states and the District of Columbia. Maryland is the first state to legalize same-sex marriage through a vote of the people. “This victory would not have been possible without the unparalleled leadership of Governor O’Malley, resolve of the LGBT Caucus in the legislature, and the full-court press by the Human Rights Campaign, which has been here day in and day out for more than a year working for full equality.”
The ACLU and the Human Rights Campaign have issued similar statements.

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