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NYC's Toppling Crane Is Secured

For the moment, anyway. Via the Wall Street Journal:
In the tethering operation over the weekend, construction workers used a hand crank to turn the entire cab and crane platform about 70 degrees counter-clockwise, maneuvering the boom below until it was tucked in close to the southern wall of the building. Riggers standing on the edge of unfinished concrete floors reached out and wound steel cables through the boom, and tied them back to the huge concrete columns of the building on Saturday. On Sunday, the workers locked the boom in place by inserting three pair of steel beams that were anchored back into the building. At the same time, a Consolidated Edison crew installed a valve in a gas main underneath 57th Street, where gas had been hurriedly shut as a precaution during the storm last Monday.
Dozens of office buildings and hotels around the site have been reopened almost a week after occupants were given minutes to evacuate. When finished, the 90-story tower will be the tallest residential building in the hemisphere.

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