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NYT Editorializes On Gays & The Election

From the New York Times:
Progress on civil rights can occur in bursts. The nation’s march toward full equality for all took an important step forward on Election Day with groundbreaking victories for same-sex marriage across the country. [snip] Predictions that President Obama would be politically damaged by his support for same-sex marriage did not come to pass. Instead, by standing up for equality, he energized his base and retained the broad coalition that won him a second term. Even before these victories, the principle of fairness for gay people and their families has been gaining force in courts and statehouses.

Half of Americans believe their states should recognize marriages of same-sex couples. There is still much work to do to secure the freedom to marry in every jurisdiction and end the odious Defense of Marriage Act that bars federal recognition of same-sex marriages performed in places where it is legal. It is a moment for the opponents of civil rights for all Americans — including Congressional Republicans, who are still defending the marriage act in court — to decide whether they want to continue to stand against justice to court a dwindling share of voters.

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