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Quote Of The Day - Star Parker

"In the 1850’s, Stephen Douglas proposed solving the dilemma of whether slavery should be permitted in new states by suggesting that they should just vote. What could be more American than submitting the question of slavery to the democratic process of each state? To this Abraham Lincoln observed: 'God did not place good and evil before man telling him to make his choice. On the contrary, He did tell him there was one tree, of the fruit of which he should not eat, upon pain of certain death….I should scarcely wish so strong a prohibition against slavery in Nebraska.' Lincoln’s rejoinder to the idea of 'popular sovereignty' – that states should vote to determine if slavery would be legal – was that there are core truths – truths that define right and wrong, good and evil - that precede the democratic process. To reject this premise is to buy into moral chaos. Which is what we are approaching today." - Anti-gay wingnut Star Parker, saying that allowing people to vote on gay marriage is like allowing them to vote on slavery.  Funny how they say that NOW, innit? (Via Townhall)

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