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RUSSIA: Legislature To Consider National Ban On "Propaganda Of Homosexualism"

Next month Russia's legislature will consider adopting a national ban on "gay propaganda" similar to the ones already existing in St. Petersburg and nine other regions. Via press release from the Russia LGBT Network (their English is slightly fractured):
The Russian State Duma will consider the first reading of a federal level bill banning so-called "propaganda of homosexualism" on December 19th, 2012. This information was received from Russian State Duma calendar to address issues in the second ten days of December, which was recently approved by the Duma. Igor Kochetkov, Chairman of Russian LGBT Network: "Today we would like to address to the deputies of State Duma with a call. Don't discredit yourselves and Russia by adoption this absolutely senseless ith common sense and the right of law. One year of application of such laws in the regions have shown that, in practice, they are used to persecute dissidents, not to protect the children. Under the pretext of protecting the family the author of the bill actually destroy it, identifying a family as "biological union of a man and a woman." In reality this "farm" approach to people shows how some deputies look to us, their constituents."
The Russia LGBT Network has a blog (in Russian.)

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