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Scott Lively: I May Run For MA Governor

SPLC-certified hate group leader, Nazi conspiracist, and pedophile employer Scott Lively says he may run for governor of Massachusetts. From the third-person "press release" posted on his blog:
Pastor Scott Lively of Springfield today announced the formation of a committee to explore the possibility of a run for the governorship of Massachusetts. A fifth generation Bay Stater, born and raised in the Village of Shelburne Falls, Pastor Lively was for many years a Christian missionary and social activist in various parts of the world, based primarily in Oregon and California. In 2008, following a year-long speaking tour through eight countries of the former Soviet Union, he and his wife Anne moved back to Massachusetts to start a mission to the poor and disadvantaged in inner-city Springfield. They bought a home in the heart of the troubled McNight neighborhood and opened a church and ministry center called Holy Grounds Coffee House, strategically located on State Street between the Downtown and Mason Square areas, to serve the homeless and street populations of the city.
This should be quite entertaining. (Via Box Turtle Bulletin)

RELATED: Lively is being sued for crimes against humanity by Sexual Minorities of Uganda, who brought the case in a Massachusetts court over what they say was Lively's incitement of the murder of homosexuals in their nation.

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