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SCOTUS Orders Lower Court To Reopen Liberty Counsel's Obamacare Suit

Today the Supreme Court ordered the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals to take another look at Liberty University's anti-Obamacare lawsuit.
The Supreme Court responded to a request from Liberty University, one of the groups that sued over the health care law’s individual mandate in 2010. When the court ruled in June that the mandate was constitutional, it dismissed Liberty’s entire lawsuit. Over the summer, the school asked the Supreme Court to reopen its arguments against the employer mandate and the contraceptive coverage mandate, which it said were not addressed by the court's ruling this summer. The court on Monday agreed to the request and told the Fourth Circuit to hear arguments on the two pieces. The Fourth Circuit, which traditionally moves quickly, could hear oral arguments in the case next spring. The school's lawyers have told POLITICO that they hope to eventually bring the suit back before the Supreme Court.

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