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Tony Perkins: Gays Are Lying About Me

"I challenge anyone with a half a brain to read my tweet or Update story and conclude that FRC is any way supporting the death penalty of homosexuals. But gay activists have their hooks so deeply in the mainstream media that reporters no longer bother to check their facts. Once the blogs start spreading the lies of organizations like HRC and SPLC, they percolate up to reporters like Carolyn Lochhead at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, who regurgitate HRC's garbage without so much as a courtesy call to our office. And these aren't harmless little lies either.

"They're the same intentional misrepresentations that led to the controversy over FRC's alleged ties to Chick-fil-A--culminating, as you may remember, in the violent shooting of one of our own employees! Americans need to understand that this cozy relationship between the liberal media and unreliable sources like HRC is fostering a culture of hatred and violence--that same culture that led to the attempted mass murder of the entire FRC office. While it's troubling that any organization would deliberately spread untruths, it's more disturbing that someone who claims the title of journalist would report these lies as fact." - Hate group leader Tony Perkins, continuing to lie about his history of supporting Uganda's gay death penalty.

For the hundredth time, here's the 2009 audio of Perkins denouncing President Obama for objecting to Uganda's proposed gay death penalty.

Perkins also continues to lie about the Family Research Council's role in defeating a U.S. House resolution that would have condemned Uganda's bill. As I wrote earlier this year:
The FRC lobbied to change the language of the Uganda resolution because (according to them) denouncing the executions of homosexuals constituted "pro-homosexual promotion" because of a clause associating "human rights" with "gay rights." Those are the FRC's exact words, which are available for public viewing on their federally-filed lobbying disclosure form. They didn't have to explicitly oppose the bill because they knew that their objection to its wording would be enough to kill it thanks to FRC-friendly GOP House members who then voted to "refer it back to committee," where it has languished for the past two years. However you want to spin it, the actions of FRC lobbyists did indisputably prevent the House from condemning Uganda's still-pending "kill the gays" bill.
Tony Perkins just cannot stop lying. He is incapable of the truth, even when faced with his own voice and his group's own federal lobbying disclosure report.

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