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BRITAIN: Nurse Who Took Prank Call From Fake Queen Elizabeth Found Dead

On Wednesday an Australian radio duo pretending to be Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles prank-called the British hospital caring for Kate Middleton. Today the nurse that took that call and revealed information about Middleton's condition was found dead. Authorities suspect suicide.
DJs Mel Greig and Michael Christian made the prank call from Down Under, impersonating Prince Charles and the Queen to get information about Kate's condition.  The duo — whose station is notorious for courting controversy — were amazed when their dodgy uppercrust British accents got them put through to Kate's ward in the King Edward VII Hospital. The nurse apparently failed to rumble it was a hoax from the 2Day FM staff. She is understood to be the first person heard during the prank call. She was initially thought to be a receptionist at the hospital but is now said to have beeen a nurse staffing the switchboard. The woman was found unconscious close to the King Edward VII Hospital. Paramedics made desperate efforts to revive her but she was pronounced dead at the scene.
Prior to today's news, the DJs had issued an apology.

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