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Happy New Year!

Yet another eventful year has come and gone for this here website thingy. In 2012 we saw about 23 million pageviews on just over 11,000 posts on which you crazy kids left over a million comments.  As I mentioned in this post last year, blogging is like a homework assignment that is never done, but is always due. Nevertheless, you all make it a lot easier with your emails, your story tips, and your encouragement.

I traveled a bit more than usual in 2012, covering various LGBT and progressive events around the nation. But as you can tell by the photo above,  the highlight of the year was attending the Democratic National Convention where I got to meet and share the messages of so many of the heroes of our movement, not the least of whom were the hundreds of openly LGBT state caucus members, folks who are truly doing the unsung heavy lifting for us in their home communities. Another very memorable 2012 day was sharing the stage with Dan Savage for some lovely recognition from the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus.  And hey, I also got sainted!

I'm grateful to all of you for continuing readership, for your unflagging commitment to equality, and for your, ahem, vociferous participation here in the JMG community. Tonight, I'll be raising my glass to each and every one of you. I'll be raising it a lot! The last year was surely one of the best in the history of our movement. I look forward to working with all of you to make 2013 even bigger and better!  Thank you, everybody!

SPECIAL THANKS: Extra gratitude goes out to JMG's behind-the-scenes copy editor Betty (AKA Birdie) who corrects my inelegant syntax, careless typos, and brain-freeze misspellings. Mwah!

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