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NOM's Final Money Beg For 2012

"We have a plan. Several states are being targeted by our opponents for advancing same-sex marriage legislation and NOM will be making sure that the voters in those states know what their legislators are doing, and that those legislators know how their constituents feel. But we need funds to counter the other side's onslaught of deception and lies. In November, we were outspent by almost $23 million in the four states where marriage was on the ballot. We CANNOT allow ourselves to be overwhelmed again by such a drastic financial disparity. Your immediate contribution will help us mobilize defenders of marriage at the grassroots level to send a message to legislators around the country: your constituents are watching, and they will remember how you vote on same-sex marriage come election time!" - Hate group leader Brian Brown, pretending that almost all of NOM's funding doesn't come from money stained with the tears of Vatican altar boys.

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