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OMM Plug Naughty TV Filter

Today's bleat from One Million Moms:
Have you ever been watching what you thought was a good, clean, family movie...only to be ambushed by crude, offensive language? Ever heard God's name used in vain or Jesus' name as a cuss word on TV? The leading cable and satellite providers in America KNOW that families and people of faith don't want obscene language on TV...yet they continue to do NOTHING about it. Now there's a way YOU can take control over the language in your home: TVGuardian, the only foul language filter available for TV today. TVGuardian is a small box you connect to your TV and it automatically filters out foul language...crude language...sexual language...racial slurs...even God's name in vain and Jesus' name used as a cussword!
If yours is a quiverfull household, you can order "ten or more" TV Guardians for only $100 each. Otherwise, $129.

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