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Quote Of The Day - Rabbi Yaakov Yosef

"If the teacher lives a perverted lifestyle, what is vernacularly called a homosexual, one must be very careful when studying with such a person. Many times a father will want his son to learn to play the piano, or another instrument. Perhaps the only teacher available is an Arab, and the father hires him as a private tutor. But we suspect them of this kind of behavior and we cannot endanger our children in this manner. When we say that Jews are not suspected of this behavior, we are talking about the average person. But as soon as suspicions have cropped up regarding someone, we must be very careful. This applies to households, and even more so for principals, who cannot hire these people for teaching positions. This applies even if the person was not convicted of a crime and did not serve time in prison for these crimes. The fact that there are questions about his behavior is enough. There is no smoke without fire." - Israel's Orthodox Rabbi Yaakov Yosef, issuing a "halachic ruling" that gay men may not be hired as teachers. His ruling also forbids having a gay roommate. (Tipped by JMG reader Kevin)

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