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WA Judges Step Up For Marriages

Via Slog blogger Dominic Holden:
After learning that City Hall is fully booked for weddings on December 9, the first day gay couples can legally wed in Washington State, King County Superior Court judge Susan Craighead called this afternoon to let me know that judges have made a plan. Judges will come into the courthouse on their day off, unpaid, to meet the demand.  Many people were told there was no room left at City Hall, Judge Craighead said on the phone, and wanted me to post this to help get the word out. "The building isn't even heated, but we are willing to be in our courtrooms marrying people as needed. The court just realized that the community needs our services, and we are happy to provide them."
You have to file for a license today to get married on Sunday. (Tipped by JMG reader Matthew)

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