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AFA Tells Pastor Louie Giglio To Reject Obama Inauguration Gig

The gays aren't the only ones upset with Pastor Louie Giglio's selection to perform the benediction at President Obama's second inauguration.  The American Family Association doesn't like it either.
"Louie Giglio has made some of the best DVDs you'll ever see, theologically," Wildmon stated on American Family Radio. "He's done a wonderful job, I think, of galvanizing Christian young people with these Passion conferences, with sound Bible teaching. We've applauded Louie for that."  Upwards of 60,000 students were in attendance at the 2013 Passion Conference in Atlanta last week.
Still, Wildmon says if he were Giglio, he would respectfully decline the invitation. "Louie Giglio did not say 'I endorse or embrace President Obama's political agenda' -- [but] if I were Louie Giglio," continued the AFA president, "I would say 'This could hurt my credibility within the Christian community because it seems to be an implicit endorsement of President Obama by participating.'"

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